Can store my car and personal goods while I am overseas?
Yes, we would love to! We can even prepare your car for your return (start it up, wash it the day before - whatever you require)
How long can store my gear, any limits?
No limits, we can store your goods for 1 day or forever - our best customer's record storage term so far is 24 years!
How much notice do you need to give to arrange goods out of warehouse-storage, or to finalise a self-storage space?
We ask (and charge for) 14 days notice, but can usually arrange delivery before then.
What driver's licence do I need to drive 's small trucks?
You can drive our 2 and 3 ton trucks with an Australian C (car) licence, or higher.
What identification documents do I need to hire 's vehicles?
You need
1) current Australian driver's licence, plus
2) Medicare card or student card or similar, plus
3) another ID showing current address - or similar IDs.
What security deposits do I need to hire your vehicles?
's 2 ton trucks $550; 3 ton trucks $1,050; Trailers $200; Trolleys /tools /ladders /trestles $100; - all fully refundable on safe return.
Can pickup my goods, then store them, then later redeliver them to me?
Sure can!! - and at very good pricing too!
Can move pianos, pianolas, safes, heavy custom-made furniture, refrigerators over 500 litres, furniture over balconies or up tight stairways, moves with parking or access problems, dismantle & reassemble furniture, bring tools, move cats, dogs, cars & motorbikes etc?
can either do all these things ourselves, or arrange a specialist to do them for you. You do need to inform us of all these special situations when booking our services, so we can bring appropriate tools & equipment, and allow enough time.
What capacity are /strong 's trucks and trailers?
Our 2-ton pantech trucks (with ramps) hold 15-16m3 with floor length 3.1m long. Our 3-ton pantechs (with hydraulic tail-lifts) hold 18-20m3 with floor 4-4.5m long, Overall height (clearance needed) of all of our trucks is 3.1m. Our trailers are 7' X 4' (2.1m X 1.2m) box trailers with 1.2m high cage all around.
Any other or hidden charges? Road tolls, parking fees and parking fines are payable by our customer. Travel charges apply to all removals - equal 30 minutes for most Inner-West moves. For moves over 30 minutes away or apart, we will quote the travel time.

Do you have any other questions? For more information, bookings, definite pricing or sensible advice, please ring Pixie on 02-9519-8288.
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